Dane Kerne

Dane Kerne

"Tell me a story" is how many evenings end in my household, words softly spoken by a six-year-old eager to fall asleep to the sounds of my voice and a compelling tale of wonder and enchantment...

Hello, my name is Dane Kerne, and I am a technical writer who strives to strike a balance in his writing between the straightforward and the entertaining. I have 16 years of solid, proven professional writing experience that helps me know just how (and when) to brighten content with a metaphor or even some light humor. Humor is relatable, and (at the end of the day), isn't that what we, as technical communicators, want our work to be on some level?

I am in the prime of my professional career: deeply experienced, continuing to learn by completing the Professional Writing program at the University of Houston-Downtown...all while utilizing a strong personal foundation (family, friends, peers) to grow and achieve.

So, let's meet and discuss my future role in your story, one that results in taking your documentation to new heights.

Looking forward to our first conversation (and more),

Dane A. Kerne